Sunday, April 21, 2013

Greatest Revenge Of All

Greatest Revenge Of All

So now, I've finally finished it,
didn't spend as long as my other books.
I spent a lot more time working,
had more money this year, than any of the
previous years than I can remember.

I guess that's the point of this little essay,
It's not a poem really,
It's really just a declaration,
of the truth.
Revenge of The Exhibitionist is about
Making good and bad decisions,
Throughout your life,
All the characters in this story
Are me, but on different levels
And at different times in my life.

Over the past year,
I became a better person.
I was able to help people
that we're in need,
Just as people helped me
in ways I was in need.
It's a constantly revolving cycle,
everybody does their part,
Everyone is equal,
no one is better than the other.

Although there will always be
moments where I feel pain,
moments of being upset,
I had a great time
writing Revenge Of The Exhibitionist.
I hope this inspires you to reach your dreams,
whether it's writing a book,
graduating from college,
or become more financially stable.

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