Thursday, October 11, 2012

What Love Is Like For Me

What Love is Like For Me
February 2nd, 2009-February 21st, 2009
Dedicated to: Josh

My heart is dropping again,
Your lips just taste so sweet.
When you put your arms around me,
You make me feel all warm inside.

Oh baby, Why do I do this to myself?
Get all caught up with a man after one date.
I get so excited about meeting someone new,
And exploring their mind and body.

 My legs are dangling off the bed,
And you ask me to stay with you longer,
Cause I’m the only one you need.
My legs are wrapped around you
And I’m wrestling with you,
And kissing you all over.
I’m just so whooped on you. 

Repeat Intro.

Oh baby, why do I do this myself?
Get caught up with you after just one fuck,
Now, I’m going to start texting and calling you,
And asking you when we’ll hang out again.

You put lotion on my body
And give me chills all over.
Then, you put my dick in your mouth
And make me squeal out loud.
Now you’re inside me,
And penetrating me slowly,
With your tongue in my mouth,
And, I’m asking you for more…
I’m just so whooped on you.

My heart is dropping for you baby…
I hope it works out between the two of us.

Repeat Intro.

It’s 1:45 PM
And I wake up to find you still in my arms.
You open your eyes,
And I kiss your lips again.

We both get dressed
And you walk me to my bus-stop,
And give me a hug goodbye.
I may have found the romance I always wanted.

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