Thursday, October 18, 2012


This one makes me laugh. ;)

Something strange has come over me,
I don’t know what I’m coming down with,
It feels like a disease in my heart,
Like a strange plague has taken hold of me. 

I am supposed to be your best friend,
But I have thoughts of carrying you into the bedroom.
How could you do this to me?
You’re the best friend I have ever had in this world,
But my heart has been infected with your disease…

Aaronitus is the prince of my dreams.
He comes in through my window and takes my heart from me.
You whisper my name, you kiss my lips,
But then you’re gone as soon as I open my eyes.
How can I go on like this?

I can’t feel stable,
I cannot be reliable anymore.,
I lie in bed with a fever I  can’t bring down…
There is no medicine I could possibly take for this.
Your curse is taking over me.

I thought we could be partners,
But I have visions of being conquered by you.
Feeling your masculine anatomy
Rubbing against mine
To feel you penetrating me,
To moan out in pain and pleasure.
But eventually I have to wake-up…
I have to wake up.

Repeat Chorus

The legendary warrior who wouldn’t allow me to be a loner,
When I was down in life and hurting,
You gave me your horse to ride home safely and surely…

I still hold onto the hope you’ll come back again,
And listen to my promises of romance.
I hope someday you’ll give me a chance
And we can ride together…
Let’s ride together…
Please give me a chance.

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