Thursday, July 12, 2012

One Love

One Love
May 22nd-May 28th, 2007
This one is five years old,
but I like it. ;)

I’ve never been that much into love relationships,
I’ve never had a burning desire
To be with somebody romantically,
In the way my fellow brothers do.
I’ve never bothered asking you out
Because I have the brains to know
What’s really important on this earth.

I know you wish you could change me
But you know you never can catch up with me.
I know you wish you could challenge me
But you keep running into dead ends.

I’ve never had many friends,
I never gave it much thought or energy
Nor did I feel it benefited me.
I’ve never approved of the way
Society was towards people.
I’ve always felt it disturbing
That so many people allow themselves
To be labeled by the world.

I know you wish you could change me
But you know I don’t take a thing you say seriously.
I know you wish I would listen to you,
But you’re too stupid for my time.

I’ve never been that much of a regular guy,
I’ve always had too much brains
To care about pleasing other people.
I’ve never been that concerned about driving a car,
I got my legs and my legs
Got me where I need to go.

I guess my attitude towards love
Has been affected by you.
I’ve never been in a real relationship
But, you were the closest thing I had to one.

I’ve never been that much into romance
Until I made love to you.

I hung onto you so tightly
Because you were my one love.
And, I let go of you
Because you were always taking care
Of somebody else.
Nine months is a long time to waste
On a man like you.
I guess someday, I’ll get over it
And start to see someone again.

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