Friday, July 27, 2012


Something different for a change. :)

Looking in the mirror,
I see a man who’s ready to change.
No longer working for the corporation,
I’m going my own way now,
Not going to listen to anybody,
Just gonna grab my suitcase
And walk myself into the future.

As I walk down this road,
I know I have not accomplished much.
I may be independent,
And I may have a job once again,
But, I’ve got a lot left to explore.    

I have gone back and forth between
Different stages in my life…
I have made decisions I
Now wish I wouldn’t have.
I have gone crazy,
And I have lost many friends,
But, I have never lost my soul.

Looking at myself so far,
I feel I’ve done several good things,
But that I still have my own whole life ahead
To accomplish far more…

As I cruise down this road,
I know the going will be rough,
And I may need help from others
As I weather through the storm…

And, I’m gonna make it,
I’m gonna make it. 


As I sit here and write this,
I begin to think hard about the future…
Will I be successful or not?
Will I make a new invention?
Will I be a published author someday? ;)

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