Monday, June 17, 2013

Vession Must Die

Vessio Must Die


When I found out what you were,

I was upset, I panicked, I cried until I was sick.

I couldn’t run away from reality,

So I put six bullets in my gun,

To kill every one of your split-personalities.


Opening each door, one by one,

Unsure where you are today,

Your mind is a mystery to me,

Playing games every day just

Cause you can’t admit it to yourself,

Just cause you don’t believe the truth


That there exists a sick man in your head,

One that does not seek love or compassion,

But one that just wants to destroy

And create chaos for you and your family.


But, as the bullet travels closer to your head,

You repent and ask for forgiveness,

You tell me you’re so sorry,

But, all the love for you is gone,

And I have no problem with taking you out now.


Going online and creating

Another facebook personality,

Just cause you’re latest victim

Rejected you’re original personality.

It’s an obsessive habit you have,

You don’t know how distraught you are,

You have no idea how much damage you’ve done,

Until death is upon you,

And by then it’s too late.


You should know by now

After going out with me,

There are consequences of

Breaking the heart of a gangsta.

There is a whole world of hurt

I am going to cause you now

That you screwed me over

Worse than anyone has before.


If you’re wondering if

I’m crazy baby,

Then yes I am!!!

I’m as psycho as you made me.

If you’re wondering if I’m

Still in love baby,

Then yes, I am,

That’s why I have to make sure,

No one else gets hurt by you.

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