Sunday, June 2, 2013

Scarlet Fever

Scarlet Fever

It had been such a long, long time
Since I was romantic towards you.
And, I was so excited to see your face,
kiss those cheeks,
and hold you once again.

                                                            When we had our date again,          
It started out fun and romantic,
But, then it turned psychotic,
And I found myself in a panic
To leave your home,
And be free from you at last.

I was disappointed just a little bit,
when I realized the man I used to adore
was going down-hill in life.
Always onrey, and possibly depressed in life,
and gaining more weight than what was healthy.

It's possible I was wrong about you all along,
But I once thought you were more of a role model,
But now all I see is someone who is selling out,
and can't find a way to cope with life anymore.

The next morning,
I had a bad taste in my mouth.
Got sick for days upon days,
Went to the doctor,
and he told me that
I had strep throat.

I was shaking, shivering cold,
as I walked throughout my house.
My head was burning,
Burning up in flames,
flames of revenge,
I felt I needed to take
                                                                         Against you.                


I'm not going to let this chip sit on my shoulder,
Even Step Throat goes away eventually,
But, I just want to ask Joshua?
At what point, did you lose your humanity?
At what point, did you lose your class, self-respect,
and sense of fun?
I guess this is the end between you and I.

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