Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Disappearance Of My Teddy Bear

The Disappearance Of My Teddy Bear

You were always my hero,
Always smiling and behaving childish,
Texting me all the time,
And calling me
While you were intoxicated.

We started out as friends,
Then it became more intense,
We had similar struggles,
Similar minds,
And I began to fall in love.
We fell in love together.

But, then you disappeared,
And, I felt like I couldn’t go on,
Wondering why you would leave me
So suddenly.

But, then it occurred to me,
Something awful could have happened to you.
You could be incarcerated; you could be in a coma,
You could have been kidnapped,
For all I know you could be dead.
Oh, tell me please,
What happened to my teddy bear?

I took it upon myself
To go out and look for you.
But, you were always so distant,
I didn’t know where to begin.

I checked for you online,
And you were nowhere in sight.
I checked you’re phone number,
And you were not there at all.
So finally, I checked the obituaries
And you were not listed.

The longer I went without you,
The worse the pain was.
I felt like giving up at one time,
But, I had to remember
That you have a life as well,
so I let you be for a while.


One night I was dreaming about our future together,
And I saw us making love,
And holding each other so tight,
And after I realized it was only a dream,
I began to cry,
Because my teddy bear was still missing.

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