Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rapid Changes

Rapid Changes
Dedicated to: My early
Ogden days.

I became so sick of life
That I was willing to take
A chance on anything.
So, when he invited me
Into his home in February,
I went in a heartbeat,
Because I wouldn’t have
To deal with family,
And I’d be free to roam…
And roam is what I did.

And, when I found that notice of eviction
On my door, I didn’t freak out,
Didn’t cry nor scream,
Instead, I shut mysell down
And, I became quieter than I ever had been before.

Rapid Changes affected me
To the point where my body
Couldn’t keep up with my soul.
It was difficult at first,
But I had to keep pushing
So that I could survive the test of life.

After you agreed to let me stay in your home,
I had a wedding to plan,
I had to start a new job,
I had dreams to fulfill.
I had to get my mojo back.
I loved you so much,
That it scared me,
As we continued on,
The road became very rocky
And eventually I knew I had
To leave you
And throw your ring into
The Ogden river.

I came so close to death the previous summer,
That I wanted so desperately
To find that one love that would be pure and sweet,
And so I dated, and dated, and dated some more…
In the end, I was just lied to, used and abused.
It was wrong of me to be as blind as I was,
And give my heart away to these worthless scums.

Ohh all these rapid changes
Are causing me to cry
So much that I’m making myself ill.
I’ve got to pull myself together now,
And keep pushing towards the future…

I decided to take a trip to my hometown,
And I met with the guy who saved me from disaster.
I spent some time with him,
And had myself a good time in the sun,
But, I told myself not to fall in love,
He’s married, you can’t do this to
Yourself any more.

As I laid myself down to sleep that night,
I dreamt of re-stabilizing,
And rebuilding my career
With my new friend by my side,
Putting an end to my pathetic dating life,
And living happily ever after.

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