Monday, May 6, 2013

Past And Present

Past And Present

I've been going on through life,
Trying to find a man
who would be my soul mate,
who would be my best friend.
I've had good relationships,
and I've had bad relati            onships.
I've felt like I've had some really good times,
                                           while learning some difficult lessons.                   

You can find a man online,
Or you can meet him in person,
It don't matter, all relationships
take time to work themselves out.
A lot of people get opinionated,
and come up with their own rules in dating,
But they're only hurting themselves,
because you have to be liberal, open and free,
and willing to risk the world to be with that individual.

Don't let the past control your present,
Don’t let fears of the unknown swallow you whole,
You have to take the torch in your hand,
                                                                  strive to be different,              
and accomplish something in your life.

I talk very little, but I listen a lot,
and I Hear people complain about $$$.
All day long, 24/7.
They make no effort to change their situation,
They just come into work, and want
to spread their negativity
like an infectious disease
that infects your lungs,
and makes everything else spiral out of control.

I learned a long time ago,
it is better to be hopeful
of things working out in the end,
I would never drag my problems
onto another person,
never use them as a punching bag
for any frustration I may have.
I’ve always believed
The individual must take
Care of themselves.
And if something goes wrong,
They have nobody to blame but themselves.


I set out to inspire quite
a few people by my bold words today.
Someone had to speak up,
and let you all know there's a better way to live...

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