Sunday, May 27, 2012


March 27th, 2006-April 9th, 2006
Something I wrote for any project
at work, kinda funny really.

I’ve been working on this for so long,
That I might just break down inside.
Depriving myself of fun just for you
 to tell me I’m wrong
And that I have to re-do until it’s done.

I work all night,
And I work all day
Just to have the right
To do this thing my way.
We’ve got to fix every glitch
And re-hook every wire
Until we get this bitch
A work everybody admires.

And now time is running out
For us to find the solution.
It seems like everyday we get closer
But then along the way,
We encounter another problem.

Verse 2
Every-day I clock in,
But it seems like the list of demands
From my supervisor just keeps growing.
Every-day I have to listen to you complain,
About all the mistakes I make,
But, get no credit for the good things I do.


If I don’t get a break soon,
I’ll probably break open inside.
If I don’t get laid soon,
Then I’m going to break-down and die.

Chorus (x2)

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