Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Only One

The Only One
March 8th-March 10th, 2006
A silly love poem lol. ;)

Here I sit
At the pond,
Looking into the water.
I see my face
In the deep pool
And see nothing but sadness.

I get up from the pond
And see a face that looks like yours.
I take a deep second look
And realize it’s not you.

In my mind,
I wonder if I’m obsessed
And how long will this last?
It’s already been 1 ½ years
Since you’ve left.

You were my best friend.
I cared about you so much.
I made one mistake
And it cost me.
It wasn’t that it was wrong,
It just didn’t sit well with you.
I wish I could take it back
But it’s too late now.
And, I see I’m only wasting your time.

Here I am
In the cold rain
Looking out at the thunder-bolts.
I pull my coat closer
Cause it’s getting chilly.
I should probably go in soon.

I remember back to the days
When you use to call me your homie.
I would smile at you
And give you a pat on your back
As my gesture to you.
I had the best times at work
When you were with me.

But now, you’re gone
And I’m alone
In this storm.
Out of sheer disappointment,
I start to cry…

Oh, How I wish you were still here
To pick me up,
Carry me up the stairs,
Into my apartment
And onto my bed.

Oh baby, climb in bed with me
And cover me up because I’m cold.
Put your arms around me
And rock me to sleep.

Oh baby…

So here I lay,
Alone and cold,
In my bed.
Without you
To hold you in my arms.

No one ever made me feel
Like you used to do.
No one could make me laugh or cry
With the emotional intensity that you could.

I lost my best friend.
They took you away from me
And I want you back.
There’s only One Man
That knows what Marky needs
And what marky feels inside.

I lost my best friend
And I want him back.
Oh Baby,
Come back to me.

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